Planning a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

Planning a bachelorette party on a budget? We’ve got you (and your wallet) covered.

Let’s face it, many of us don’t live the Kardashian lifestyle, and we definitely don’t have the
Kardashian paychecks. Hiring a party planner would be the easiest way to plan a bachelorette
party, but that’s most likely not in your budget if you’re reading this. If you’ve got a bachelorette
party to plan for your BFF, we have some great tips that will help you save money and have a blast.

Destination Party? YES!

If you thought a destination bachelorette party wasn’t going to be on this list because of the
word “budget,” think again. By using these helpful tips, traveling is now more affordable than

Short-term rentals give people the opportunity to rent other people’s homes for much less than a
hotel. You can take your pick from verified hosts with rave reviews. Everyone who plans to
attend can pitch in (minus the bride), and you should be able to obtain a long weekend’s worth
of beach house or city loft fun for practically nothing. 

Budget airlines offer inexpensive flights to all sorts of big city destinations. Depending on
whether you pack lightly and how flexible you are with seating arrangements, you could score
your round-trip airline tickets for less than $100 each. Make your way to Palm Springs or
Scottsdale, for example, to enjoy a hosted bachelorette party to remember with Cabana Boys!

Additionally, try looking for free things to do in the area where you’re staying. Consult a walk score map to find the best areas nearby to explore on foot. You should also pay attention to
what season you choose for traveling. Is it a popular time of year? Will food, beverage and
housing prices be higher because the demand for them is higher? Consider taking your trip
during the offseason and you will reap the savings!

If you have a vacation club membership, you may already know where you want to have your
party. Use online tools to plan your trip well in advance. That way you’ll get the best prices and
everyone will have plenty of time to make their travel arrangements.

Lastly, you should consider making all the reservations and purchases for the trip on your credit
card, but only if it has a great reward system. If you get rewards for flying and staying at certain
hotels, you should definitely take advantage of that with this trip.

Staying in town? That’s cool, too!

If going out of town isn’t an option for the party, having the bachelorette at someone’s home is a
great alternative. A good old-fashioned sleepover is a fun way to get all the girls together for a
night in, and (bonus!) you can drink as many cocktails as you want without having to get a ride
home. Surprise the bride squad with a special pancake breakfast and mimosas to end the party
on a high note.

If you aren’t the sleepover type, and planning a girls’ night out is more your style, research your
local bars for the best deals. See what kind of entertainment they may offer on the night of your
party. Because safety is always a priority, coordinate a ride home by sharing an Uber or
assigning a designated driver. You can always skip the expensive bars to save money. If
drinking isn’t what you want to center the bachelorette party around, you can set up a group
activity like playing laser tag or even going to an escape room (maybe ask if they can make it
bridal-themed for your special occasion) by finding discounted tickets online. 

Bachelorette Party on a Budget

No matter what your budget is, always keep the bride’s style in mind when planning, and don’t
stress if you need to cut some corners. More than anything, a bachelorette party is about
bringing the bride’s best friends together for a ton of pre-wedding fun.

This post was written by guest contributor Janet Lovelace