Party Planning 101: How to Plan the Ultimate Pool Party

How to plan a pool party? Great question. We’re glad you asked.

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette, bachelor party, birthday event, girls’ weekend, or a just-because get-together, a pool party is the ultimate way to have some fun in the sun with your friends.

But throwing a good pool party is harder than it sounds!

You want everyone to mingle, have a blast, and go home with memories they can tell their friends about. To throw a memorable pool party, you have to get everything from the entertainment to the food just right.

Don’t worry. We’re party-hosting experts, and we’re here to help you plan the perfect pool party. From selecting the ideal date and venue to creating a menu and organizing poolside activities, we’ve got you covered.

Choose a Date and Time

Choose a date that promises sunshine, blue skies, and (hopefully) perfect pool weather! Check the forecast to get an idea of which months and times of day are most likely to have bright sun and warm temperatures. You may want to aim for an afternoon party that allows your guests to soak up the sun, lounge by the pool, and take a dip in the water. Pick a date and then tell your guests to mark their calendars!

Pick a Place

To host a pool party, you’ll need a pool! If you don’t have a pool at your own property, explore options such as community pools, local recreation centers, or even renting a private pool venue. Make sure the pool is well-maintained, has ample space for your guests, and meets safety regulations.

Make a Guest List

You don’t have to invite everyone and their mother! Fewer guests will make the party more manageable and give you a chance to have some quality time with everyone. Plus, if you handpick the guests, you can invite people who are important to you and get along with each other.

Send out Creative Invitations

Set the tone for your pool party by sending your guests a fun and creative invitation. Include relevant details like the date, time, location, and any specific instructions or themed attire. You could mail them a physical invitation, or make a digital one that’s easy to share.

Invite the Cabana Boys

Take your pool party to the next level with the Cabana Boys! These good-looking guys know how to throw a party. Think of the Cabana Boys as your personal bartenders, drink servers, game organizers, Spoty DJs, expert party hosts, and overall hype men. If you want to throw the ultimate pool party, make sure to add the Cabana Boys to your guest list. Right now they serve Palm Springs and Scottsdale, but keep an eye out because they may be coming to other cities soon! Learn more about the Cabana Boys.

Set a Budget

Having a pre-existing budget will rein in any overspending impulses and force you to get
creative with your food and entertainment options. Nail down a budget for food, drink, and
entertainment, and look for affordable alternatives where possible. For instance, instead of
hiring caterers, get food home delivered or have a DIY food bar.

Get your Decor On

A pool party is the perfect opportunity to be a little extra! Don’t be afraid to go big and deck out the pool area with inflatable pool floats, colorful beach balls, string lights, and photo backdrops. You can even pick a theme for the party and tell your guests to dress accordingly. Don’t forget to provide plenty of seating, sunscreen, shade options, and towels for your guests.

Provide Entertainment

Entertainment is important. Ideally, you want to pick options that cause guests to interact with
each other and feed into the celebratory atmosphere. You don’t necessarily need to break the
bank for good entertainment. You can keep your guests entertained with a variety of poolside activities like pool games, volleyball, board games, water basketball, or inflatables. Here’s a pro tip; if you invite the Cabana Boys, they’ll take care of all the entertainment. The boys will curate the perfect playlist, host party games, serve drinks and bring the good vibes.

Plan a Menu

All good pool parties need some fun snacks and beverages! Plan a menu that includes light and refreshing food options. Serve a selection of finger foods, salads, chilled fruits, and refreshing drinks like fruit-infused water, mocktails, or tropical cocktails. Consider dietary restrictions and provide options for vegetarians and those with allergies. To help with costs, consider asking all of your guests to bring a snack or drink to share.

Mix Some Drinks

Cocktails are always nice to have but hard to make. If you’d like cocktails, you could consider
setting up a DIY cocktail bar where guests can mix their own drinks. You can also invite the Cabana Boys, and they’ll help you with all the drink mixing and serving.

Create a checklist of party tasks

Throwing a party involves many minor details – such as inviting guests, preparing food, putting up the decorations, and more. Creating a checklist of party tasks with an expected
timeline will make it easier for you to stay on track and execute everything successfully. A checklist will also keep stress at a minimum!

How to Plan a Pool Party

Planning a pool party is all about creating an experience that combines fun, relaxation, and letting loose in the water. Make sure to think through the details, but at the end of the day, all you need for a pool party is a pool and some friends. So get ready to dive in, make a splash, and enjoy some quality time in the sun!

This post was written in collaboration with guest contributor Janet Lovelace