Best Rooftop Restaurants In Los Angeles

Can you think of a city with a more impressive skyline than LA? We doubt it! The City of Angles deserves no introduction as it is a place where dreams happen. On top of that, LA is known to be a party central, and if you have already attended one in the city, you already know what we’re talking about! After all, what can you expect from a city graced with Hollywood’s glitz and glamor?

Los Angeles is also considered a rooftop city, which is clearly evident from the abundance of soaring skyscrapers. If you had the pleasure of visiting one, you’re already aware of the spectacular view provided, and to be completely honest, it’s hard that you’ll find one that comes remotely close to it. Of course, many businesses have seen this as an opportunity and have used it to their advantage, which prompted the establishment of many rooftop locales. Granted, everyone dreams of having a meal or drink with a view, so visiting one is practically a standard here! These lofty vantage points have redefined dining, transforming them from simple meals and drinks to immersive experiences that will provide joy to your taste buds – and your soul.

With that in mind, you have probably heard all about rooftop bars in LA. Still, did you know that there are countless spectacular eateries that not only provide a picture-perfect view but a delectable dining experience as well? What’s best is that most of them serve large groups of people. This means you can skip out on the conventional party spots and celebrate a momentous occasion in them! For that reason, we have selected some of the best rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles, offering an experience that will most definitely put you in awe! Of course, all of these choices are checked by our Cabana Boys, so rest assured that you’re in for quite a treat!

Merois at the Pendry

As always, we like to kick things off with a bang, so we’re starting our list with the finest establishments West Hollywood has to offer. Located on the rooftop of the Pendry Hotel in WeHo, this eatery is known to be one of the best rooftop restaurants in LA. At first glance, it doesn’t quite differ from the rest of the rooftop locales you’ll find around WeHo. However, we all know that first appearances can be rather deceiving. 

In addition to the always-trendy addition of glitzy interiors and breathtaking views, what makes Merois at the Pendry stand out lies in their ability to pair aesthetics with fine dining to perfection. Wolfgang Puck, a renowned chef and restaurateur, has ensured that even the most commercialized dishes can taste luxurious – if done correctly. That said, you can provide an opulent dining experience to your guests in an unfussy atmosphere, with surreal views and the finest high-end pan-Asian cuisine known to man!


Address: 8430 Sunset Blvd, WeHo, CA

Cuisine: French Californian; Asian Fusion

Price Range: Expensive

LouLou Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge

If you want a taste of the finer things in life, your party should head directly to the LouLou Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge! Located on the top of Santa Monica Place, this eatery oozes Mediterranean vibes, featuring bright and natural furnishing paired perfectly with the dazzling views of the ocean and LA’s noteworthy skyline.

Just the looks alone have crowned this place as one of the finest fancy rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles. However, that’s not the only thing you can expect from LouLou. Since the restaurant embodies the Mediterranean, naturally, the dishes will follow suit. At this rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles, you can experience the flavors of the French Mediterranean with a Californian twist, featuring delectable dishes made from artisanal, homemade, and organic ingredients. We imagine you’ll have a hard time picking out what to eat since even the descriptions alone will make your mouth water, so we suggest trying out the vegan Moussaka. Additionally, the French and Californian wines offered deserve a league of their own, and their cocktails are just as colorful as the meals themselves. So, if you’ve always wanted to celebrate your bachelor(ette) party in France, but the costs pose a problem, LouLour Restaurant is your best alternative!


Location: 395 Santa Monica Pl #300, Santa Monica, CA

Cuisine: French Mediterranean

Price Range: Expensive

LA Cha Cha Cha

The Downtown Arts District is abundant with gorgeous restaurants, each one more unique than the next, but you might be wondering why we’ve chosen the La Cha Cha Cha specifically. Well, as one of the best rooftop restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles, this Mexican-owned establishment boasts an impressive design, a vast selection of beverages, and some of the best food you will ever try!

Because of its Mexican background, La Cha Cha Cha serves excellent dishes inspired by the region. That said, ordering their homemade tortilla chips with a side of guacamole and a variety of tacos is a must! After a delectable dish, make sure to try out some of the options from their dessert menu, created exclusively by Ellen Ramos. Naturally, no party is complete without taking a few shots, and since this rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles embodies Mexican culture, their tequila-infused drinks will blow your mind away. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you’ll be dancing the cha-cha-cha yourselves!


Location: 812 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA

Cuisine: Mexican

Price Range: Average to Expensive

The Rooftop by JG

Prepare to have your breath taken away, as this rooftop restaurant in LA has one of the biggest terraces in the city! Set on the top of the ultra-luxurious Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Hotel, The Rooftop by JG is as upscale as it comes and boasts some of the most spectacular skyline vistas of the area.

Apart from the lavish designs, this restaurant features exceptional dishes created by the renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, hence the JG in the restaurant’s name. While you’ll be presented with many delicious options, we recommend you try the ginger-marinated tuna tartare. They also have killer tortilla chips! However, you should be aware that this rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles is frequently busy, so you’ll have to make reservations well ahead of time, especially if you plan to host a large party. Additionally, some of the prices may come as a surprise and not a nice one, so you should come with a heavy wallet. Either way, you’re down for an incredible experience.


Location: 9850 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA

Cuisine: American; Asian

Price Range: Expensive

Catch LA

Before you hit the streets and experience the unmistakable nightlife of WeHo with your party, the Cabana Boys suggest you drop in at the iconic Catch LA. As a fancy rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles, this eatery features a majestic flower-lined hallway and a spacious dining room, offering the best service. Oh, don’t get too surprised if you see some celebrities hanging around! Like Nobu, Catch LA has attracted countless star-studded guests, so if you plan on hosting a Hollywood-inspired party – this is the place to be!

You might have heard about Catch before, as it is a famous seafood restaurant chain with locations in New York, Dubai, and, of course – LA! There are over 300 seats at this rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles, meaning that they will serve larger parties with no problem! Mainly, Catch LA serves delectable sushi and wood-fired seafood presented in a way that will make you want to be a food blogger! Also, they’re very big on sustainability and keeping most things local, so expect freshness with every bite. However, while it’s famed for its seafood delicacies, Catch LA serves a noteworthy brunch. For that reason, if you want to start your festivities early and drink endless flutes of champagne with your besties, look nowhere else!


Location: 8715 Melrose Avenue, WeHo, CA

Cuisine: Seafood; Asian

Price Range: Average to Expensive

These were some of our favorite rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles, which have been tried and tested by our Cabana Boys so that you can prepare for a real treat! These fantastic establishments easily accommodate large parties. So even if you have a 20-person guest list, there’s nothing you should worry about! Still, LA is as busy as ever, and it seems that everyone wants to see what these restaurants are all about. Therefore, consider making reservations as early as possible because availability can be an issue.

Now that you know the best rooftop restaurants in LA, nothing is stopping you from making plans. Once all the details are set in place, the next thing you should do is call up our Cabana Boys to make your party as memorable as ever! Granted, the restaurants themselves will already cover most of the services provided, but if you need some hypeman to get the vibes going, make sure to contact us!

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