The Dos and Don’ts of Party Hosting

A successful party is a mix of a few elements. Whether you have a house party or one at a venue, there are always things you need to keep in mind. There is a certain party hosting system to abide by whenever you have people over, especially if you want to provide them with a good time!

No matter how big the events are (even if it is a small gathering of people), brushing up on party-hosting etiquette is always a good idea. On the other hand, for those who are still unfamiliar with this topic, stay tuned to uncover everything you need to know to become an unforgettable host.

Before getting into the do’s and don’ts of party hosting, you need to start with one thing (especially if you are hosting in your home) – just invite people over! You may not have the perfect home, and you might not have enough chairs for everyone, but we are sure that when you invite people to come over, they come for the fun they’re going to have. So start with yourself, and take it from there!

Party hosting: dos and don'ts

Here are the things you should do when party hosting:

Do – Focus on One Thing

We can only imagine that you have an elaborate plan for your party, down to the last detail. But sometimes, things go wrong, and you end up not having the time to do everything you’ve planned. So focus on doing one thing only, and cut yourself some slack on everything else. When it comes to party hosting, there are so many things you need to consider. It may take the focus off why you are doing this in the first place – to have fun. Avoid over-exacerbating yourself by trying to make everything perfect. One of the services we offer is bartending – so you don’t have to worry about that!

Do – Get Paper Products

Instead of the high-class glasses and silverware and everything else you like to add, why not turn to a more environmentally friendly option (unless you’re hosting a fancy dinner party, of course)? If you plan on inviting more people than your regular dish set, how will you find all the plates and wine, cocktail, and beer glasses for everyone? Even though this seems like taking the easy way out, it is so worth it – you will have less to clean up later, and nowadays, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Do – Look At The Big Picture First

If you are hosting a house party, then don’t worry about the smaller items, such as cleaning your windows or curtains right before your guests arrive. As long as you vacuum properly and clean your bathroom, everything should look much better! If you start doubting yourself, we are here to assist you! No one will look at how clean your house is if you have the perfect drinks to fuel the vibe! You know the drill: who do you call if you want an epic experience? The Cabana Boys are at your service!

D – Set Expectations

When you are going to a party, you don’t want to end up just sitting and talking to someone – you came to the party! To avoid this party etiquette mishap, when you send out the invites, specify what kind of a party you are throwing – is it a costume party, will there be charades involved, will there be a lot of singing and plenty of dancing? People like to know what they show up for, and if you put yourself in your guests’ shoes, you will let them know the theme beforehand. For example, with us, your guests will know that a fabulous party is happening!

Do – Add The Food Where You Want People To Be

Think about it – if you put the food in the kitchen, everyone will be there. Alternatively, when placed in the living room, you already know where your guests will be. That said, as part of our party hosting tips, pay mind to the location where you want to see the biggest concentration of people and display your food. Just ensure there is space for everyone – it may end up being the center of the night!

Do – Make Your Guests RSVP

Party hosting and RSVPs go hand-in-hand, especially if you host a bash with a long guest list. In some cases, catering may be involved, or the number of drinks you get may vary depending on the people who show up. When the party ends, you don’t want to be left with a lot of food and drinks and nowhere to store them. So, as soon as you let everyone know you’re having a party, give them a few days to respond, but make sure they actually do it.

Do – Consider a Seating Arrangement

You may throw your party over the weekend, but some of your guests might still be tired and need a place to sit. If you haven’t invited many people, then seating arrangement should not be an issue. But if you are planning an epic bash, be prepared to guide them on where your guests can sit. Another useful party hosting tip is to consider including place cards. If you need a butler for an elevated experience here, we can gladly oblige!

Do – Light Some Candles 

No matter what the party theme is, candles always seem to elevate the atmosphere. You can have a dinner, birthday, or Halloween party – candles are necessary every single time. Get some small or big ones – it doesn’t matter as long as they are there. The good thing about them is that you can easily find them and they are not expensive! Just be mindful of the placement. You want your party to be lit, not literally burning.

Here are the things you shouldn’t do when party hosting:

Don’t – Overcomplicate

By complicating, we mean anything that would take up a lot of your time and focus. Start small and think about what doesn’t make you feel stressed. Party hosting can be pressuring, but only to the point of how much you allow it to be.

Don’t – Invite Everyone

Yes, you may be in those “in-between” years where you are torn between having a party where you invite everyone or having one with a precise guest list. But we are here to remind you that you don’t need to invite everyone to every single party you host. If you want to, do it once and see how it turns out. 

Keep in mind that the guest list needs to make sense. What do we mean by that? You are responsible for how good of a time your guests will have, so choose people with something in common.

Don’t  – Worry About Dietary Restrictions

Whatever you choose to make, we are more than certain that you will deliver a delicious plate filled with all kinds of flavors. However, as part of party hosting etiquette, it’s important to provide alternatives to be considerate of people’s different lifestyles. That said, including some vegetarian or vegan options would be wise (and polite!). Even a small dish can go a long way.

Don’t  – Go Anywhere Without A Playlist

Music is so much more than simply setting the tone for the night – you need to be well-prepared for everything, and you need to hype up your guests. A good music playlist goes a long way, even if it ends up being only in the background. Notice all through the night that it will make them move. So don’t do anything without a playlist! And if you need a set of DJs to keep the party going, the Cabana Boys are at your service!

Don’t  – Rely On The Memory Of Your Guests

A major part of party hosting is doing most things yourself. Other people have responsibilities, too, and whatever you ask of them can easily slip their minds. They can come later than you expect or forget what you told them to bring along. Remember the old saying, “If you want something done right – do it yourself”. Live by it.

Don’t – Let Your Guests Interfere With Your Party Hosting

It doesn’t matter if they are your closest friends or people who are simply compulsive and want to help in any way they can. Having guests in the background kinda takes all the fun and excitement out of the night, so even if they are offering their help out of the kindness of their heart, turn down the offer and continue on your own. Instead, let the Cabana Boys help you out!

Don’t – Write Thank You Notes

You already invited your guests, and they RSVP-ed. There is no need for extra thanks for them showing up.

Don’t – Leave The Cleaning For Tomorrow

Even if you are extremely tired, don’t leave any cleaning for tomorrow. Trust us, it will be much harder in the light of day.

party hosting tips

Last but not least, relax, enjoy yourself, and have fun! This is the last “rule” that doesn’t fall under any category of party hosting, but it’s something you should learn by heart. Don’t apologize if you know that something is missing (a decoration, for example) – your guests don’t know that! Take a deep breath, let your hair down, and let people know you are glad to have them there. Oh, and book us! Our services will make your planning a whole lot easier!

So there you have it – a guide to becoming the best host anyone’s ever seen! There are a lot more topics here, just like this one, so keep on reading!