Top 8 Airbnb Party Rentals In Scottsdale, Palm Springs, LA, and Orange County

Are you planning your next bash soon? You’ve landed on the right spot! Our CabanaBoys have rounded up some of the best Airbnb party rentals in Scottsdale, Palm Springs, LA, and Orange County, promising amazing settings ideal for throwing an unforgettable event for your friends!

All of these cities are considered the places to be for parties! From the ever-buzzing Old Town in Scottsdale to the star-studded LA, fun times are practically everywhere, so you can expect the perfect atmosphere for your next party. While you’re free to explore other Airbnb event rentals aside from our suggestions, you must be careful with your choice. In other words, hosts are very strict with party rules for their rentals. If you don’t abide by them, your rating will surely go down. This will prevent you from making bookings in the long run. Believe us – this is the last thing you want!

So, to be on the safe side, we recommend sticking to our suggestions for Airbnb where you can have parties. With the Cabana Boys by your side, a raving event is more than guaranteed!

Not to keep you waiting for so long, check out our favorite Airbnb party rentals.

Top 8 Airbnb Party Rentals

  1. Casa La Buena Vista, Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s Old Town is probably the most exciting neighborhood in the entire city. And luckily, Casa La Buena Vista is just ten minutes away. The Fashion Square Mall is also nearby if you need to make any last-minute alterations to your party outfit.

This event-allowed rental in Scottsdale boasts an ultra-comfortable patio and outdoor entertainment area with a refreshing pool, perfect for a summer bachelor(ette) or birthday party. If you want to move the event inside, the spacious living room will comfortably accommodate all of your guests, while the Cabana Boys can hang around in the modern kitchen, preparing all sorts of drinks and snacks. Casa La Buena Vista has three bedrooms, allowing up to twelve guests to stay over and sleep in. Finally, this is a budget-friendly Airbnb party rental, so you’ll save some extra bucks if you opt for it!

  1. The Summit, Palm Springs

If you want your party to be away from prying eyes, look no further than The Summit. Perched high above the Coachella Valley, this event-allowed rental in Palm Springs has a home movie theatre and a pool with a chill lounge area. Once night falls, enjoy a BBQ feast and continue the party with a game of billiards or ping pong. The Summit also has five bedrooms, accommodating twelve guests in total.

However, the most attractive feature of their Airbnb party rental is the views, especially at sunset. Due to the secluded location, you’ll see nothing but mystic dunes, and when paired with the unparalleled California golden hour glow, your Insta game will be lit. No need to bring tripods – our Cabana Boys will take all of your photos for you!

  1. Well-Appointed Mid Wilshire Studio, Los Angeles

LA is undoubtedly the US’s party central! While there are countless event-allowed rentals in Los Angeles, deciding on the perfect one may be challenging, but we’ve found the perfect one! This recently renovated studio in Silverlake, dubbed the most vibrant neighborhood in the city, offers the perfect settings for any type of party, whether it’s a simple pool bash or a divorce party!

You’ll instantly fall in love with the outdoor area of this Airbnb party rental. In addition to the pool and hot tub, the studio features lush greenery in a secluded environment, so privacy is guaranteed. If you need to chill out for a moment or two (we can imagine how crazy your party might get), you can bask in the sun on the cozy patio while the Cabana Boys give you the most relaxing massage possible. Keep in mind this rental has ‘Quiet Hours’ from 9 PM until 9 AM. With that in mind, if you do opt for it, you’ll need to organize your party during the day.

  1. Home in Santa Ana, Orange County

This recently renovated home in Santa Ana poses the perfect place for your next event! Boasting a convenient location near Downtown Santa Ana, you’ll be close to the city’s trendiest bars and restaurants. Alternatively, if you’re looking for some fun in the sun, the most attractive beaches are just minutes away, so you’ll have plenty of options for organizing a perfect day.

The interiors of this event-allowed rental in Orange County are simple and cozy, ideal for throwing a party with all of your closest friends. There’s also a BBQ area in the back, and you’ll have all the amenities you need for your event to succeed! The home’s host is very accommodating, making this cute place simply irresistible!

  1. Scottsdale Bachelorette Villa, Scottsdale

The name says it all, doesn’t it? You and your girls will find great pleasure in this Airbnb where you can have parties as you’ll have everything you can possibly need. From a pool and a fire pit to the ideal table for prosecco pong, the villa allows countless opportunities to keep the party going until the early morning hours.

If you want to hit the city before the party begins, Old Town is just five minutes away. Still, we believe you’ll not need this as the villa is simply spectacular. Ensure to take advantage of the huge dining room, which comfortably seats up to ten guests, and continue the festivities in the spacious outdoor area. If any of your guests enjoy the cocktails a bit too much, they can hit the hay in one of the four bedrooms. After all, our Cabana Boys are master drink-makers! However, keep the guest list to a minimum – anything up to ten people will result in a hefty fine.

  1. La Paloma Palms, Palm Springs

We know some of you enjoy the finer things in life – naturally, you need the appropriate Airbnb event rentals to fit your lifestyle’s vibe. Introducing La Paloma Palms, a gorgeous mid-century estate where luxury reigns supreme. 

When asking what this event-allowed rental in Palm Springs has, it’s better to ask what it doesn’t have! From a relaxing and modern pool area to an inviting dining and living room, this house is simply what luxe party dreams are made of. For a wholesome experience, La Paloma Palms also offers a private chef for an extra fee, making your event fit for celebrities. If you opt for it, tell the Cabana Boys to dress in their best attire. Be warned – you’re in for quite the eye candy!

  1. Hollywood Hills Modern Sanctuary, Los Angeles

In love with Hollywood’s glitz and glamour? We’ve got one of the best Airbnb party rentals for you! Prepare to be mystified by this gorgeous sanctuary in Hollywood Hills, boasting an atmosphere fit for celebrities. Considering its worth, reaching a whopping 7 million, you’re in for quite the surprise!

As soon as you enter this event-allowed rental in Los Angeles, you’ll be met with the most majestic views of California’s best city thanks to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The interiors need no introduction as they define comfort and luxury. Not to mention, the provided amenities will make your event simply unforgettable. However, what the Cabana Boys love most about this place is the balcony. Just imagine celebrating a significant milestone with the most picturesque backdrop of LA. Just thinking about it makes us float above the clouds!

  1. Flower Den, Orange County

For the last entry of the best Airbnb where you can have parties, we have singled out the Flower Den. This rental is located in the beautiful Mission Viejo in Orange County. What has made us fall in love with this exceptional Airbnb is its artistic charm. An artist owns the Flower Den, so you can only imagine the uniqueness of the interiors.

This event-allowed rental in Orange County is located on a quiet street. It features a bunch of amenities that will make your party memorable. Interestingly enough, the Flower Den is primarily an artist retreat, so if you’re planning a creative party, you can grab a couple of canvases, brushes, and paints, allowing all of your guest’s creativity to roam wild. Additionally, two furry friends are on the property to keep you company. Still, there’s also the possibility for them to be escorted out so you can have the backyard all to yourself. Lastly, due to quiet surroundings, you might want to stray away from it if you’re planning a loud bash.

There you have it – these are some of our favorite Airbnb party rentals in Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Orange County. And trust us, we’ve only scratched the surface with them! As you already know, for the ultimate experience, you need the Cabana Boys by your side. We can accommodate your specific needs as we want to help you host an epic party. One that your guests will be raving about for ages! All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll ensure the vibes never die down!

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