Tips For Planning A Fantasy Football Draft Party + Destination Suggestions

Once football season begins, the thrill of it also starts! And, if you are a true fan, you are probably a part of a fantasy football team. Millions of people participate in this activity, so having a fantasy football draft party is one of the most common events organized in the US. If you are getting ready to host one, you need a good planning process.  

Organizing the perfect fantasy draft party is not an easy thing to do. Namely, you have to think about many things so everything goes smoothly. That is why we have prepared a brief guide to help you plan your event without leaving out anything. We have also included some great places to host a fantasy football draft party. Once you figure out all the important elements, you will be able to throw an exciting and memorable party.

Fantasy Football Draft Party tips

Top Tips for Throwing an Exciting Fantasy Football Draft Party 

Planning any type of event requires meticulous planning, and fantasy football draft parties are no exception. Getting informed about everything you will need for your event is crucial to having a pleasant gathering with your friends. You will want to enjoy it, not stress over it, so preparations are a must! 

Begin Early with The Party Preparations 

Most fantasy football draft parties take place in summer, a time when people may have a lot going on. Summer is the season of weddings and summer holidays, so many people might have arrangements set in place. If you want people to attend your party, you should plan it sooner rather than later. We are not saying that you should organize everything right away, but having a well-structured plan will help you manage the whole event more easily. 

You can begin with a group chat to notify people about your plans and figure out what everyone else thinks about them. It is the perfect way to set up a date and ensure each of your planned guests can make it. Once you get an estimated date, you will be able to think about the location, setting, and all other details related to your fantasy draft party.

Pick The Right Participants for Your League 

If you are serious about fantasy football, you need serious participants as well. You need an even number of players who will be dedicated to the game throughout the whole season. Choose people who you can trust and who understand the game as you do. And remember to set the style of the league beforehand so you do not end up disappointed. That is, if you are looking for a laid-back league, you might go with participants who will engage in the game just for fun. On the other hand, if you want to do it strictly by following all the rules, then you need a serious group of people who will be equally committed. 

Moreover, ensure that you get an appropriate backup of players in case someone backs out. Have your participants ready beforehand and avoid any unpleasantries later in the planning. After you get some people who will take part in your fantasy football league, you can move on to all the other details. 

Go Over The Game Rules 

Going over the rules before the fantasy football draft party is essential to confirm everyone is on the same page. Everyone in the group must understand the scoring method that will be used so they can base their picks on firm grounds. Also, it is important to select a draft system, considering there are several types. One of the most popular ones is the Snake Draft, which shifts the order of the draft every round.

In addition, you have to ensure each participant is aware of all the additional things that go with a draft system. In other words, players should know about prizes, fees, policies, as well as the apps or websites that are used for the league. 

Have a Draft Board Ready 

A  fantasy draft party cannot happen unless you prepare a good and functional draft board. In offline drafts, the board is the most important equipment of the whole concept. This is actually a tool that makes the game interesting and gives everyone a meaningful role. Moreover, the board gives a clear perspective of the league and proper visibility for each participant. 

For the board, you can use a simple poster, a chalkboard, or a whiteboard. However, you can also opt for a digital format and have your board ready on a TV screen or a computer monitor. You should work in a room big enough with the board in the center and the participants around it. Everyone must get the chance to look at it and make decisions. If you are not sure about the board’s size, just think about the number of names you have to fit on it. 

Prepare for The Actual Party 

Once you have sorted all the previous things, you’ll proceed to host the fantasy football draft party. Planning the setting for your event, along with all the other details, is quite exciting, and you can make it as fun as you want it to be. You should remember that everyone should feel comfortable. After all, the point of the football fantasy draft party is to ensure everyone is properly introduced so the actual league work can be off to a good start. 

When it comes to decor and ambiance, you can go for a football-themed setting to make the event authentic. You may want to include snacks and decorations so everything is in perfect sync. If you want to elevate the party to the next level, you may want to consider hiring the services of the Cabana Girls. They can make your event memorable and serve as bartenders and amateur photographers. As the host, you deserve to enjoy your party as well, and these kinds of services can help you achieve that!

Amazing Destinations for a Fantasy Football Draft Party 

To elevate the fantasy football draft party, you may want to consider some amazing locations for the event. The party does not necessarily have to take place in someone’s home, meaning you will have an abundance of options. If you need some ideas, we have you covered! 

Here are some unique locations to host a fantasy football draft party. 

A Local Sports Bar 

If you want a classic fantasy draft party, then you need a classic location, i.e., a sports bar. Many bars around the US host these kinds of events, meaning you can count on them for a great time. Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings are some of the most popular bars known for specializing in organizing such parties. This means that if you decide to book them for your event, they will make sure you have everything you need. 

A sports bar might be a great location for your fantasy football draft party if you want to be sure that you have everything you need. Plus, you will have snacks and drinks all figured out. In other words, you do not have to worry about supplying enough of everything or picking the best food selection for your guests. 

A Cruise Ship 

You might want to do something special for your draft party, meaning you will need a special location as well. There is nothing more spectacular than hosting an event on a cruise ship. You can enhance the party’s atmosphere and allow all of your guests to feel comfortable. A cruise ship will allow you to have fun with your league while enjoying majestic landscapes, delightful beverages, and delicious food. 

Plus, it will be a good environment to get to know everyone better and understand what kind of people you have in your league. Serious fantasy football enthusiasts know how important it is to get to know the participants before the draft begins. 

A Rented Apartment 

When your idea of a fantasy football draft party is a homey and traditional setting with authentic elements, then you can certainly rely on rented apartments in your living area. This might be the most convenient option because you will have the chance to set your own rules about the party and get creative with your party as much as you want. You can even choose an apartment in a fun location, such as Las Vegas, and use the opportunity to get to know your league better. 

How to plan a Fantasy Football Draft Party

Your Fantasy Football Draft Party Will Be Iconic With The Cabana Girls!

Planning your fantasy football draft party early is one of the best things you can do for your event. Early preparations will allow you to organize it without missing out on anything. In addition, you can make it possible for everyone to attend. Moreover, planning beforehand allows you to get creative with your party options, get unique services, such as the Cabana Girls, and throw an event everyone will remember! 

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