5 Ways How a Bartender For a Party Can Transform Your Event (Including Drink Suggestions!)

It is always tempting to call a friend and ask if they want to help you bartend your next party. But when they decline, you’re left with the age-old question – who is going to serve your guests? Usually, the first idea that comes to mind is to have all your guests pour their own drinks. But you know that everything will turn into chaos after the third drink. The other option is for you to serve the drinks yourself, though this isn’t the definition of fully enjoying your event. So now you’re left with a big question – what to do? The party you’re organizing is just around the corner, and you still haven’t figured this out. The answer? Hiring a bartender for a party.

bartender for a party

There is a reason why professional bartenders exist. Today, we are talking about why it is a good idea to have a bartender for a party by your side. This hasn’t crossed your mind until now, has it? That’s okay – we’re always here to open you up to new adventures! Now, we know what you may be thinking. The bartender could be anyone, and even if you hire one, who can guarantee they will be professional and make good drinks?

That’s where the Cabana Boys come onto the scene. We are explaining to you all the perks that come with hiring professional bartending services and why you should start doing this for every future event. As a bonus, we even added a few drink suggestions just to get you started on brainstorming.

Reasons why you should hire a bartender for a party

Depending on the type of event you’re throwing, you need to organize everything. A bartender for a party is not an exception to the rule. That is why we’d love to give you some insight into why you should consider opting for professional bartending services.

You will deal with a licensed professional

You need someone who has had a thorough background check, knows exactly what they are doing, and is trained to be the professional you need. When you plan to serve alcohol at an event, it is important to have someone who knows how to handle it properly. That is why we suggest hiring a professional bartender. They will save you a lot of time and money, and you will end up having the time of your life without worrying about anything. With that said, let the Cabana Boys be your helping hand. Aside from having the best bartending skills, we also have a few surprises up our sleeves!

You will not spend as much on alcohol

Remember, this is something we mentioned in the beginning. When a party starts, all is well, but after a few drinks, things could take a turn fast. Leaving an open bar, in this case, might seem like a good idea for all of you who don’t want to worry that much about alcoholic beverages. But is it a good idea to begin with? People will start pouring their own drinks, and you could very easily run out of alcohol. Then what?

A bartender for a party will carefully manage the control and do that effectively, and they will minimize over-pouring and waste. Sounds like the perfect scenario, right? A professional bartender will control the portions and ensure that everything is created as requested. Additionally, they can help you with drink suggestions and even come up with signature ones! That way, your shopping list will be slashed in half.

A helpful tip – if you are looking for the ultimate beverage party list depending on how many people you have invited, take a peek at our site. We have a list that can help you purchase the right amount of alcohol.

With a bartender for a party, you will have plenty of help

Although it’s always appreciated when your guests help, they’re not intended to do that. Instead, cater to them so they can have the most enjoyable night. But doing things on their own can result in a somewhat messy scene. Imagine how your drinking station would look if you left people to serve themselves. It’s not the prettiest picture, isn’t it? A bartender for parties would never let that happen. They would take care of the situation without giving it a second thought. They would clean up after each drink they prepare, so at the end of the day, all you would be left with is a trash bag. This is, by far, our favorite reason why we love being part of professional bartending services.

An elevated guest experience

When you have a professional bartender, it is an immediate game-changer. Once your guests arrive, no matter what they’re up for – partying all night or a casual get-together, there is an immediate shift of energy toward the better. Not only because you show that you have really thought everything through and created the perfect party. They will most likely feel relieved when they don’t have to make their drinks. Also, a professional bar service is much faster and goes smoother than the service you might get from someone without that much experience. After all, you don’t want to keep your guests waiting for a drink, do you? If the last thing you want at our party is an overcrowded bar or a drinking station, hiring a bartender for a party is the way to go.

A charming face

Last but not least, everybody wants someone to smile at them while handing them their drink. A bartender for private parties may make you the talk of the town. The drinks will look good, and the guys making the magic are typically quite the eye candy. The friendly service that they offer is just the icing on the cake! Or, should we say – the olive to your martini? In any case, they bring a unique energy and charisma to the table, or in this case – the bar! Simply put, a bartender for a party is bound to make your entire party filled with enjoyment.

What about the drink suggestions?

After hiring a professional bartender, you know that all of your guests will be well taken care of in the beverages department. But when you think about it, what should you serve at your party? You can always go all out and serve everything imaginable, but this sounds like too much of a hassle, especially because you need to do the actual shopping. So why not narrow things down a bit? Depending on the type of party you want to throw, you can have a few stars of the night when it comes to drinking choices. Something new, fresh, interesting, easy to make, and delightful to drink. Luckily, we come up with a few suggestions!

We know this sounds like an excellent idea – this isn’t our first rodeo! Here are some fun drinks to add an *oomph* to your party.

An Aperol Spritz party

If you have always loved the taste of Italy, then bring it closer to you by arranging for servers to hand out Aperol Spritzes all around for you. This is a very summery and refreshing cocktail that has a little twist in its taste. It is the perfect addition to any party. It goes down smoothly, and it is extra colorful.


Since summer is just around the corner, it is time for you to think of rose, white, or even red wine, but try to keep it refreshing. The only way to do that is to have your professional bartender for a party keep the sangrias going! It will be something people will keep coming back for because it is both delicious and refreshing!

Margarita pitchers all over

Our Cabana Boy can help you out with this one in a minute! If you want to have a party with a tropical twist, adding a few margarita pitchers is an excellent choice. Preparing the drinks takes only a few minutes, and all you need is juice, tequila, and ice. Since everyone loves margaritas, it will be the perfect choice!

Beer for the win

Last but not least, it all depends on the kind of party you’re throwing and your guests. If most of them are beer lovers, you can get a few different types of beer and have a tasting. You’ll still need someone to keep the pints fresh and ready for ultimate enjoyment. Who better to do that than a professional bartender?

bartender for a party

Cabana Boys’ Bartender for a Party Service!

We take pride in serving excellence. That is exactly what you’ll get if you ask for our professional bartending services. Other than giving you a list of reasons why hiring a bartender for a party is good, we are happy to share any other suggestions with you. Contact us and book us for your next event – you can’t go wrong with the Cabana Boys!

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