Bachelorette Party Outfits – Dress To Impress

When the time has come for you to organize the most amazing bachelorette party, you want to go out of your way to prepare everything! Organizing the best bach party is a must! Music, drinks, and a good time are key – but a few factors are always just as important, such as the bachelorette party outfits!

Bachelorette parties are an old tradition that has been evolving over the years. As a pre-wedding event, they started as a rite of passage for the brides-to-be. With that in mind, there are many new ways to plan them today. Many modern elements keep popping up, making this a fine experience for everyone.

Our Cabana Boys services are by far one of the smartest things you can plan, but today, we have something else in mind, too.

Bachelorette party outfits

How To Dress To Impress?

Fashion should always be a key element in every type of celebration. This one is no exception. While we’ve been to many hen parties, we have noticed one thing. Usually, the style does not go beyond an assortment of matching t-shirts with a “Bride Squad” logo. And, while that is okay, we have a few bachelorette party outfit suggestions for you that will surely make you stand out. If the bride loves a contemporary feel, it should shine through with your aesthetics.

Think about it – if you opt for regular T-shirts, chances are, they will not be used ever again. Do you really want to keep something that will only collect dust at the bottom of your dresser? We don’t think so.

Now, we know that organizing a bachelorette party can be an overwhelming task, but we are here to make it easier for you. We have come up with a few bachelorette party clothing ideas that, along with our services, can make your entire event unforgettable. By mapping out your outfits, you won’t hesitate to dress to impress.

Take a look at our suggestions below.

Level Up Your Bachelorette Party Outfits

Sunset shades

If you are organizing a sunset dinner, this is probably the perfect bachelorette party outfit choice. Talk to all the girls and ask them if they could get dressed in a yellow, orange, or red outfit. That way, you could pay homage to the theme. The best thing about these colors is that they fit almost every skin complexion, so there is hardly any chance someone will decline. The color palette is amazing, and the photos that we’ll take from you will be even better than you imagined. Also, your bride will probably appreciate the thought. She would be the only one wearing white, and all of you would look amazing.

Neon colors

This one is for those who want a pool party or a wild night out with the girls. With either option, you get to have some fun with the bachelorette party outfits. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to dress in neon from head to toe. After all, we left this trend in 2012 for a reason. However, adding a neon accessory to everyone’s outfits seems like the perfect idea. Come up with a few options and present them to the group. Or, if you really want to give them a choice, let them decide on their own. The only suggestion you can make here is to steer them clear of an all-neon outfit. Maybe help them mix the neon with some darker colors to balance the outfit.

Everyone in white

There is a certain elegance to the white color that no other color can bring to the table. That’s exactly why it is our next suggestion. We’ve been to many parties where the dress code is “all white everything” and it looks incredible! The summer sun accentuates the happiness in everyone’s faces. The white color changes hues as the sun goes down. This is the dress to impress choice if you want to create the most magical moment for the bride. Now, we know this is a little bit unconventional, especially because the bride-to-be should be the only one wearing white, but think about it. Themes are there to be challenged. Why not challenge this one? After all, things could even get better for you. For example, the bachelorette party dress for the bride may be covered in sparkles, glitter, gold, silver, or anything else that could make her stand out from the crowd.

Something borrowed, something blue

You know how the saying goes. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. Well, we suggest you consider this saying when it comes to bachelorette party outfits. Especially the last part – something blue. To make it an outfit-themed party, ask everyone if they would like to dress in shades of blue. The options are endless, and anything can work. The future bride will stand out either way in her white outfit. The photos we’ll take of you will look incredible. At the beginning of the party, you can even give everyone a matching blue necklace or a bracelet. Also, we, your Cabana Boys, can even make some blue cocktails for you!

Get your groove on

Get your inspiration from the disco days – and organize a party that shines brighter than the sun! If you are creating the ultimate disco bachelorette party, the outfits should match it. Talk to the guests and ask if they could channel their inner divas through their outfits. They have the creative freedom to choose anything they want, as long as it is groovy. Sparkly and revealing outfits, large earrings, and heels to die for. The theme will be as amazing as it sounds! Once you go out on the dancefloor, embrace this moment with your girls. Soon enough, you’ll be caught up in wedding planning!

A cocktail look

If you host a bachelorette party in LA, then you will probably want to go for something more chic and upscale. Don’t worry, we got you covered. For this idea, you will need a sleek cocktail attire. Think coastal vibes, flowy dresses, and a look that evokes the summer spirit. If you have organized a seaside view dinner or a party maybe, then this is the look a bachelorette party outfit should go for. Both the crew and the bride will love it. Also, they will find an occasion to wear the outfit again, making this a win-win situation for everyone. The Cabana Boys would be happy to be there in the background, helping you put on the best bachelorette music and serving you drinks.

Country chic

Of course, our list would not be complete without adding some country chic to it. If you have been looking for that true out-of-the-box bachelorette party clothing idea, this is it! Somehow, the cowboy hats and boots never go out of style! We are very familiar with this style, mostly because we’ve been to many bachelorette parties with this particular theme! Western fashion is always inspiring, and you can add it to your party list. Talk with the rest of the girls and hear them out on it. Share some outfit ideas such as fringes, cowboy boots, and other details. Create the perfect outfits for the night and surprise the bride. The options are plenty – you can even add some denim to it! We would love to match your outfits and make your night even more unforgettable.

ideas for bachelorette party outfits

Dreamy, flowy, romantic

This theme depends not only on the bride but the bride squad, too. While some girls love to party and dress like divas, others like a more gentle and relaxed approach to a bachelorette party. We completely understand both sides. In this case, the group should bring their floral a-game, pastel colors, flowers, and everything. If you want to take things up a notch, add a lot of floral accessories to the decorations. Bouquets, floral napkins – all you can think of! The ultimate experience is to have the bachelorette party in a garden or have a flower wall for the best photos!


Last but not least, there are so many ways to make the bride stand out. In this scenario, you can all wear pantsuits and let the bride wear a dress. Or, you can all wear pantsuits and be the chicest girl group anyone’s ever seen! This is an amazing theme if most of the girls feel more comfortable in pants rather than a dress, and it gives plenty of options for everyone. Everyone has at least one pantsuit at home. It would be a waste not to use them for this occasion. There is a certain charm to this that brings a lot of fun to the party, so why not go with it?

bachelorette party outfits

Dress To Impress and Book The Cabana Boys!

These themes are only the beginning. To be truthful, the ideas for bachelorette party outfits are endless. We can only hope that we have narrowed down the choice for you and helped you pick the perfect theme for the night. And remember – book our services! Your Cabana Boys want to help you make the night (or day) complete, so we are just a phone call away! Organize the absolute best bachelorette party. Dress to impress, contact us, and have the time of your lives!