Good Neighbor Promise


At Cabana Boys Events, our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience in a safe and responsibly managed environment. Our Good Neighbor Promise reflects our values and commitments that will help keep the short-term rental industry in good standing and keep neighbors happy. We provide a premium service that includes special requests from our customers, sometimes resulting in a noise level that is not acceptable in the neighborhood. While we aim to reduce these instances as much as possible, it is our pledge to do right by the rental host, neighborhood, city, and industry. Our Good Neighbor Promise is as follows:

  • We will take measures to control noise levels to the best of our ability
  • We encourage good guest behavior and don’t condone irresponsible guest behavior
  • We will be proactive and responsive to hosts, neighbors, and guests
  • We value the communities we service and we pledge to represent them in a good light
  • We provide a premium service that provides a luxurious customer experience
  • We respect city and community leadership and the laws and regulations established
  • We have a vested interest in keeping community stakeholders satisfied
  • We are always listening and encourage open dialogue to foster positive relationships

If you find that an event is getting out of hand and you have visually confirmed that our Boys are present, please text our Good Neighbor Hotline at 602-878-6849 with your property address and city. We will immediately contact the guest, as well as our employees and instruct them to significantly reduce the volume of the event and/or move the event indoors.

As a small business that relies on healthy relationships with short-term rental hosts, we request that you give us the opportunity to resolve the reported problem prior to contacting law enforcement authorities. If you have any further questions or feedback, please contact us.

Good Neighbor Hotline

(602) 878-6849

Please include your street address and city