Old Town Party Bus

Ready for the ultimate party bus experience in Arizona? The Old Town Party Bus is the perfect pregame for a day or night out in Scottsdale. The experience comes with two Cabana Boys, which is a total game changer. The Cabana Boys are at your service — we'll serve you drinks and refreshments, take pictures (or pose with you), be Spotify DJs, host party/drinking games, and keep the bus tidy. The Boys are there to serve, pamper, entertain, and bring the energy. 

The party bus has A/C, a boomin' Bluetooth speaker, ice, water, LED lights, and comfortable seating. It’s BYOB, but we provide cups, game ideas, good vibes, and some fire DJ skills. We’ll pick up in Old Town, stop halfway through at a partner bar and score some drink specials, and drop off in Old Town too. Hop on board and get ready for a party bus experience unlike any other.

Check out this video for a preview of your time on the Old Town Party Bus